• What is Bopp Packaging Tape

    What is BOPP Packaging Tape?

    BOPP packing tapes or packaging tapes are some of the most commonly used tapes in shipping and inventory management today, and with good reason. The special molecular structure and the resin stabilization of polypropylene offer excellent mechanical and optical properties, which are especially useful in a variety of applications, one of which is packaging.

    Bopp Material

    BOPP film (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) is actually a polypropylene film that has been stretched in both the machine and cross directions. BOPP film has since became one of the most popular and high growth films in the world.

    Features of BOPP film:

    – Excellent clarity
    – Good dimensional stability and flatness
    – Low electrostatic charge
    – Good barrier to water vapor
    – High gloss
    – Good performance on high speed printing
    – Resistant to oils and greases
    – Good puncture and flex-crack resistance over a wide range of temperatures
    – Not affected by moisture and does not wrinkle or shrink with environmental changes
    – Rugged structure and high tensile strength


    BOPP packing tapes are usually coated with different types of adhesive. The most commonly used are the hot melt synthetic rubber and acrylic adhesive. Hot melt adhesives are one of the most widely used mainly because of the consistent, reliable and quick seals. This kind of adhesive quickly bonds to the surface and offers high tensile strength, which make it one of the best choices for securing shipment. It can adhere well to various types of surfaces including film and fiberboard.

    Acrylic adhesives are another good option. They do not bond as quickly as hot melt adhesives (it has decent initial adhesion but it features gradual adhesion buildup that require around 24 hours to achieve maximum bond strength), but they have better heat, UV and shear resistance. This type of adhesive is recommended for heady-duty and long-term packaging.

    Other adhesives would include natural rubber, which has the same properties as hot melt synthetic rubber, except that it has better hold and could stick to dust, and heavy loads with various temperatures. Silicone adhesives are used too; it can be removed without leaving residue and is often used for applications that require exposure to extreme temperature.


    Most carrier or backing films have specs of 30 to 65 microns. The standard-duty tapes typically have thickness of around 2.0 MILs. Note that this already includes the carrier or backing film and the adhesive. Medium-duty packing tapes typically are around 2.6 MILs thick. Heavy duty adhesives have around 3.0 MILs (1 mil is 1/1000 of an inch).

    These packing tapes come in various widths too, with the 2-inch variety being the standard. Packing tapes with widths of 3/8 to 4 inches could be purchased in bulk. Standard length is 110 yards but 55-yard rolls are available as well.

    BOPP tapes typically come in the standard colors – clear and brown, although manufacturers now offer them in various colors such as red, pink, orange, yellow, green, black, white, purple and blue.


    Types of BOPP Packing Tape

    There are three major types of BOPP packing tape – transparent, colored and printed/customized. Transparent BOPP adhesive tapes are ideal for shipment with special care instructions or products with packaging that must remain visible. Colored BOPP packing tapes are handy for inventory management as they can be utilized as a product identification and organization tool. Custom packing tape contribute to a more efficient inventory management, but the printed message can also be handy in communicating special care instructions, and the custom design and message could help in advertising and building brand awareness.


    Custom OEM Company Logo Bopp Packaging Types

    Nowadays, many companies would like to have manufacturers make custom OEM Company Logo Bopp Packaging Tapes. The purpose is to enhance the branding of these companies. These types of Bopp Packing tapes are basically the same kind of Bopp packing tapes and the difference is that these Bopp types have the logos of designs of these companies printed on the otherwise plain bopp packing tapes. You can easily send the logos or designs that you want to be printed on the tapes and the manufacturers will have them printed on the bopp films before using them to manufacture your tapes and cutting to the size that you require.

    Customized OEM packaging tape
    Customized OEM packaging tape


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